The number of troubled businesses has grown dramatically because of the present financial environment. Typically, the problems begin when clients begin delaying payments. This has a negative effect on cash flow, and if your company does not have a working capital reserve, it can create key problems. The very first reaction for most owners tends to be to postpone seller payments also. That rarely functions as a long-term alternative unfortunately. Before long, like falling dominos, other payments start getting delay and the company gets into deeper trouble.

Most business owners look for business financing – expecting to implement a stop gap solution into the working capital issue. Unfortunately, obtaining a payday loan is extremely difficult for companies which aren’t in pristine financial state. The catch 22 is that in the event the company where in pristine financial condition, it would likely not require a business loan. Most of time, this situation can be repaired with the right financing.

There is a solution which may help companies who confront slow paying customers and that aren’t in the best fiscal shape. It solves this issue in its source – the slow customer payments. The solution is called invoice factoring.

Factoring gives you a financing advance for your slow paying invoices. It provides you the capital you want to pay providers, employees and sellers – on time. The truth is that while your customers are paying invoices more slowly, most of them remain good solid clients. Factoring businesses may supply you an advance on your invoices because they consider these to be your best collateral – something most institutional lenders don’t always do. Because of this, invoice factoring may be a fantastic solution to get a troubled company that nevertheless has a solid roster of clients. Another benefit of factoring is that is a dynamic kind of financing that grows with your company. Since funding is tied to an invoice, it can be used to grow your business and restore its financial health.