by Sherry on GS Credit Pte Ltd

Gotten myself a payday loan from GS Credit. Friendly customer service there. My loan was approved in 30 mins. Took a $1000, repayment of  $1,030 on my salary day. Very reasonable.

First time taking loan from a licensed moneylender. Expected the whole process to be very bad and had a lot of worries. But the staff there were patient to answer my quires despite my continual worries. Was a little uncomfortable at first but after all the explanations of loan contract and repayment scheme, I felt assured to take up a loan with them. Would borrow again from them if I ever need another loan.

by Aquino shereen on Quick Loan 101

The best moneylender in Singapore. Very understanding and helpful!

It's always frustrating to be in a financial jam and borrowing from family and friends isn't always an option. A friend of mine suggested I go to GM Creditz to help me get out of a temporary financial issue. I was so grateful that the staff of GM Creditz helped me a lot and they were so professional and friendly. There was no hard selling and it was a laid back, pleasant atmosphere. I would suggest anyone who needs a short term or payday loan to go for GM Creditz. You won't feel so horrible about borrowing money and the excellent service and kindness you will receive lets you feel if you ever get in a jam again, you are always welcome back (which I will). Thank you GM !

As my salary was having some issues, I texted them to inform them that I couldn't make payment on the due date. They gave me a call to discuss about the payment. The attitude the staff gave over the phone was surprisingly understanding! They were kind enough to give me a few days’ allowance to make the payment. Thanks 365 credit!

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Money is indispensable to lead a happy life. A good and regular income is a dream for many. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the wealth that he or she desires. So, sometimes visiting a moneylender is inevitable. When there is very little time left and you are looking to get money for an emergency situation, many people tend to search online for moneylender reviews before visiting them. We all know that money lending companies are quite common in Singapore. With many competing to find their space in a thriving market, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the best one. Though you may have multiple options to get money with limited collateral, you may find it difficult to find a licensed moneylender. For first timers making this decision of choosing the right moneylender can be a tricky proposition.

If you are wondering what to do, we have a solution for you. You do not have to spend time figuring out this. We have done this task for you. You can get the list of licensed moneylenders operating in Singapore from our website. The companies that are listed here are verified by us. We have confirmed that the details they have furnished on their website are genuine and trustworthy. Most importantly, we have also made it ascertained that they are indeed licensed moneylenders. Not only that we have updated the list with the moneylender’s contact details, address, and customer reviews. We will continue to keep updating the list as soon as a new money lending company gets its license. So, for sure you are going to get a list of licensed moneylenders who are both legal and professional from our website.

For those who have not attempted to seek a loan before, the moneylending is a process of taking private loans from licensed money lending companies. The licensed money lending companies are ones that are legally authorized to operate the money lending business. It can be said that having a money lending license is a stamp of trust for the money lender. The process of applying for a loan from any of these moneylenders in Singapore would be simple. You can either fill up the inquiry form online on their website or visit their office to start the process of borrowing. If you are having any doubts about the company, you can always check our list of licensed moneylenders and confirm yourselves. We have licensed moneylender reviews given by our customers based on their experience with each moneylender in our list. These reviews and comments serve as a good source of vital information. The more information about a particular company you have, the better is your decision making abilities. We have also submitted our own trustable moneylender reviews which are totally unbiased.

When you are in search for a licensed moneylender you should rely on licensed moneylender reviews. The licensed moneylender reviews will provide you valuable insights on how each licensed moneylender operates differently from the other and what additional features they offer. Typically, the best moneylender review will contain the information about the following:

Whether the moneylender has a valid license to give out loans?

As mentioned earlier, if the moneylender does not have a valid license, it is best to stay away from that moneylending firm. Even if you are given an explanation that they have applied for a license and are expecting to get it in a week or two, I would suggest you not to jump the gun.

The behavior of the staff at money lending company – are they polite and professional?

One of the crucial factors that impacts the choice of moneylenders is the behavior of the staff at their office. The more professional they are, the easier is it going to be for you to deal with them.

Does it mention whether the customer support staff at the money lending company explained everything about the process?

Do not fall for the sweet talk and tall promises. Always, read the terms and conditions yourself and understand. Some support staff may hide critical information on the loan process or any hidden charges that can put you in a difficult situation at a later period. Be aware of this fact!

Were there any negative experiences for the clients documented?

Experiences from other customers who have availed the services of the moneylenders can be quite useful. While there would be some negative comments too, you need to check whether the reason for the negative comment is towards a feature or factor that is critical to you as your choice could well depend on this.

What are the interest rates they ask from the customers?

This is the most important factor anybody taking a loan would be looking at. To understand this you should always know the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of law in Singapore. Details on the available loan packages will be a valuable piece of information that can be found from trustable moneylender reviews.

How fast your loan will be approved and how should you pay back your loan – monthly or weekly?

Time and tide wait for none. If you are in urgent need of money, then you would rather deal with a moneylender who loans you money sooner than somebody who gives you a marginally lower interest rate. So, check out for information on the steps involved and the speed of loan approvals. The payback frequency is yet another factor that you should consider while choosing a licensed moneylender. Some moneylenders give you flexible payment options while others may not.

The best moneylender review will be a detailed one that has a format like Pros and Cons. This will help you understand what you have to prepare yourself for and make the right choice. Above are the main information that you can get from a trustable moneylender review. You can get all these information from our website because along with our personal reviews you get access to all the reviews posted by customers. When we upload a licensed moneylender review we make sure that the information furnished in our website is genuine and true.