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GM Creditz Pte Ltd

Address: 111 North Bridge Road #01-41 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098 (Next to City Hall MRT)

Phone: 6588 1886

Licence No.: 115/2019

(18 reviews)

Monthly Flexible Repayment

Low Interest

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Fortune Credit Pte Ltd

Address: 470 North Bridge Road #02-01A Bugis Cube Singapore 188735

Phone: 6777 1887

Licence No.: 49/2019

(15 reviews)

Monthly Flexible Repayment

Discreetly Located

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365 Credit Solutions Pte Ltd

Address: 14 Scotts Road #03-64 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213 (Next to Orchard MRT Exit A)

Phone: 6222 5500

Licence No.: 12/2019

(17 reviews)

Monthly Flexible Repayment

Low Interest

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Payday Loan Singapore

If you need an emergency financial assistance before your next take-home pay, there is no need to panic. You can obtain from the Payday Loan provided by us to fix your financial headache. Being the best credit lending agencies in Singapore, we understand the demanding financial situations and dealing with sudden monetary problems. It is part and parcel of life. We are here to help and lend our best assistance to clear your worries and drive away your money problems.

The advance credit service provided through us will assist you to stay financially afloat till you obtain your subsequent take-home pay. To make certain that you enjoy freedom from a great deal financial pressure, we provide you affordable payment strategy that is suitable for you due to the low percentage attractive interest rates that we provide.

Whether you require processing your lease payment, attending to a medical emergency, or want a few extra money to for daily use till the following payment is credit into your bank account, we are here to provide you what you need before your next salary.


Some Advantages That Make Our Company Stand Out

Low Percentage Interest Rates

Our business is to lighten your money woes and not increase it. Therefore, we provide low-interest credit advance to give you economic support whenever you have the need for it.

Easy Reimbursement Plan

This is made possible by low-interest rates offered on the loans we offer. It is easier for you to follow through our repayment plan and not get into further debts.

Speedy Approval

It is stressful and frustrating when you are under a lot of financial stress, to have to wait for hours or days even before you receive your approval. With our one hour approval on Payday Loan, you don’t have to wait and be able to resolve your financial issues quickly and swiftly.


Our Payday Loan Requirements

To facilitate the speed of the approval of your credit advance, you can take note of our Payday Loan requirements and ensure that you fulfill the criteria in order to avoid disappointment.  The requirements are:

  • You should be older than 18 years.
  • You need to be a Singapore national, an expatriate in Singapore or a permanent resident.
  • You should hold a steady job to facilitate your loan repayment easily.
  • You need to present an identity card.
  • You ought to have evidence of current billing address.
  • You have to attach your past three month’s payslip.
  • If newly employed, attach your employment letter to your form of application.
  • Your annual earnings need to be more than $18,000.


If you fulfil above mentioned requirements and possess the vital documents to support claims of having a consistent income source, your form of application has a success rate to be approved. No financial trouble is too big, no questions too difficult for us to help you with. Reach out to us today if you have any further questions, our friendly consultants are ready to provide you with the best assistance possible.

Notes to borrower: LoanCredit.SG aims to be the best financial directory in Singapore. We do not represent any licensed moneylender or offer any loans directly, over the phone or at our office or otherwise. We ensure that all advertisers featured in our business directory are evaluated and selected carefully, particularly those that are licensed by government authorities.

The minimum period of repayment is 2 months and the maximum period of repayment is 6 months. The interest rate offered by the licensed moneylenders is 1% to 4% per month, depending on your credit rating and other factors. This corresponds to a 12% to 48% Per Annum APR based on monthly reducing interest rate.
For example, if you borrow $1,000 for 6 months, at the maximum interest rate of 4% per month (48% APR), your monthly repayment will be $190.76 and total interest for the 6 months is $144.58.

The example mention above is an estimation and for illustration purposes only, please check with the respective Licensed Moneylenders as it may vary due to loan amount, period of loan and other fees such as late fee and late interest rate that may be charged in the event of violation on terms & conditions.

30 Mins Express Loan Enquiry

30 Mins Express Loan Enquiry